Loewen Buyers Guide

Chaffers & Sieves
Loewen Chaffers & Sieves have gone through countless tests and improvements, making them stronger and smarter than most OEM on the market. Side channels are heavier, adjustable handles are able to lock in, and the square wires run on plastic bushings for less friction.

Loewen chaffers have heavier side channels and are made of heavy gauge galvanized steel to eliminate rust problem. Chaffers use square front and rear tubes. These tubes add rigidity and strength. Chaffers also have welded-in dividers. these dividers help retain a more even distribution on hillside conditions for cleaner samples and faster harvest.

Adjustable Chaffers
Loewen adjustable chaffers feature a plastic adjustment arm and cushion in each wire hole which allow for smoother operation and reduced friction, wear and breakage. Adjustable chaffers include spring loaded indexed handles. These handles are completely different from your OEM handles, in that they are easily adjusted and are spring loaded. The special handle allows you to change your setting and then return back to the original one easily and accurately, and, because the handles are spring loaded they can be locked in.

Louvers & Wires
Loewen offers individual replacement louver, wires and plastic parts which make repairs easy, with no need for torching or welding. Loewen adjustable bottom sieves match the Loewen top chaffers and increase the effectiveness of your combine. A locking lever adjustment can be set to increase overall performance to suit a specific crop, maximizing the cleaning action.

Louver Spacing Options

  • Long Finger Louver: For corn and most other large seed crops. Less plugging with cobs and trash.
  • Short Finger Louver: For small grains, rice, flax or seed. Adjust for cleaning in volume small crops and trashy conditions.
  • Blunt Finger-louver: Bottom sieve used in most crops. Available in wide spacing for harvesting corn.
  • Round Hole Sieve: For use in crops from alfalfa and clover to beans and corn. Available in a variety of hole sizes
  • Rigid Air Foil Chaffer: For optimum recovery of most crops. Pre-set for maximum performance under normal conditions.
  • Adjustable Air Foil Louver: For all crops including grasses and small seeds. Fin and hole design increases vertical air draft control and helps to remove straw and stems.

Chaffer & Sieve Shoe Frames and Frame Rails
Loewen shoe frames are solid welded around mounting hole plates for added strength. Reinforced front braces to prevent breakage. Heavier gauge steel is used for the sieve side panels. A stronger one piece mounting plate has been implement to avoid cracked welds. Loewen shoe frame rails feature heavy duty shoe mounts, thicker front support plates, and include rubber strips. Sieve shoe frame rails feature heavy duty shoe mounts.

Cylinder Bars
Loewen cylinder and rotor bars maximize the performance of your combine by keeping the threshing edge longer and requiring less adjustments. The aggressive threshing edge will allow less material to go through the return, making your combine more efficient and allowing you to thresh faster, saving time and fuel.

All bars are carefully inspected and set are matched for equal weight distribution on the cylinder. Loewen bars are longer wearing, which means fewer bar changes and concave adjustments, and an increased capacity. Mounting hardware is included with each set of bars (Grade 8 bolts for most sets). Sets are clearly identified for each make and model application.

  • Standard Cylinder Bar: Made of high carbon steel matching the quality and performance of OEM bars.
  • Hardened Cylinder Bar: Can outlast standard bars by 2 or 3 times. Recommended for all types of threshing - regular to heavy duty.
  • Chrome Cylinder Bar: Chrome bars are able to last 4 to 6 times over the standard bars. These bars provide low maintenance, high performance giving you the best value possible. These bars are ideal for large acreage because of their hard chrome plating over first grade, high carbon steel. Note recommended for stony conditions.

Rotor Rasp Bars
Most bars are available in standard, hardened, or chrome. Bars are for Case-IH, Gleaner and New Holland combines. Standard and specialty rotor bars are available for Case-IH combines.

Threshing Elements, Tines & Spike Teeth
Threshing elements and tines come with hardware included. Spike teeth include hardware as well. Used with spike tooth cylinder and concave for improved performance in beans, rice and grasses. For John Deere combines.

Wear Bars & Blade Kits
Replace worn wear bars, blade kits ( Elephant Ears) and impeller inlet flighting with Loewen hardened abrasive resistant steel bars. Wear bars are available in hardened or hard chrome.

Feeder Chain
Loewen offers feeder chains with slats mounted directly over the roller pins to prevent stretching. Slats are bolted to the chain with 3/8" grade 5 or grade 8 hardware for easy replacement. Chains are available with chrome pins for longer wear. Loewen also offers regular CA550 or heavy duty CA557 roller chain for added strength.

  • Standard Feeder Chain: Special lip-design 3/16" slat increases strength and rigidity, reducing breaking and bending.
  • Deep Channel Serrated Feeder Chain: For Gleaner combines.

Loewen offers economy feeder and elevator chains. Proven in Europe and field tested by Loewen, these imported roller chains offer high quality at 25% off premium chain price. The economy chain use the same slats, paddles and hardware as Premium chain.

Raddle Chain
Made from heavy duty roller chain and square steel tubing. Hillside raddle chains are also available.

Rock Drums
Rock drums help prevent foreign object from entering the feeding system. Available in three groove models for conversion from two to three chain systems. Two groove and smooth drums are also available. For Case-IH and John Deere combines.

Posifeed Rollers
The unique paddle design provides more aggressive feeding and increases harvesting speed. The posifeed rollers feed more evenly in light or heavy crops. For Case-IH, John Deere, Gleaner, and New Holland combines. (Not recommended in rocky conditions)

For years Loewen has been examining the weaknesses and damage points of combine parts, allowing them to improve their own parts by making them stronger and sturdier than their competition's. With heavy duty wires, cross bars, and side plates, a Loewen concave is a wise choice for your combine.

  • Narrow Wire Concave: Provides more aggressive threshing. Ideal for small grains and fine seed crops.
  • Wide Wire Concave: Prevents plugging between cross bars. For corn and beans.
  • Slotted Concave: Smooth surface reduces crop damage and improves feeding. For beans (Case-IH combines)
  • Helical Bar Concave: Angled cross bars provide more aggressive threshing as material strikes the cross bars at a right angle. It also prevents whiteheads and unthreshed grain. Available in narrow and wide wire. For Case-IH and John Deere combines.
  • Grate Finger Concave: Finger gate concaves are made from laser cut steel providing greater durability and less prone to wear and breakage. The concave also offers replacement of individual finger sets.

Cover Plates & Concave Inserts
Cover plates improve distribution of material across the entire width of the shoe augers. Concave inserts improve threshing and prevent cobs with unthreshed kernels from passing through the open area at the rear of the concave.

Concave Shock Kits
Loewen concave shock kits prevents bent and bowed concaves and pipes. They absorb the shock caused by foreign objects or large volumes of material being forced through the rotor. The kits have adjustable tension on the turnbuckles allow up to 1" of movement on the concaves. For Case-IH and John Deere combines. Case-IH kits include spring loaded turnbuckles and heavy duty concave support plate.

Keystock Grates
Loewen keystock grates are manufactured or OEM specifications. Keystock grates help reduce rotor losses in low moisture and high yield corn. They also reduce plugging in damp conditions. Recommended for corn, milo, maize and rice (Case-IH).

Slotted Grates
Slotted grates are ideal for edible beans, most small grains and corn (Case-IH). Additional channels can be installed to reduce the amount of chaff that goes through the grates.

Rotary Parts
Loewen rotor cones and vane transports are made from heavy duty material, which provides extended performance. Vane transports are made from high grade 1045 high carbon steel. Rotor cones are produced with abrasive resistant steel. Loewen rotor cones are designed with only one welded seam for longer life. Vanes are available in 3/16" standard and stainless steel . Rotor cones are available in 3/16" and heavy duty 1/4" material.

AFX Rotor Front Kit for Case-IH 40/60 & 80 Series
Solid OEM-style cone. Smooth, solid front cone provides even distribution with no recessed areas, which can cause material to build up. Hardened leading edge on impeller inlet flighting for longer wear. All the benefits of a complete AFX rotor at a much lower cost.

Auger Elbow
Auger elbows are made from material 2 gauges heavier than OEM. Heavier 1" thick steel ring. Heavy duty solid welded seam. Hardware kit is included. For Case-IH rotary combines.

Auger Unloading Collar Assembly
Collar assembly mounts to the auger tube and features nylon rotating plates, instead of ball bearings. This helps eliminate clogging and reduces abrasive friction. For Gleaner combines.

Auger Troughs
Heavy duty 16 gauge material is used in construction of auger troughs. For Case-IH and John Deere combines.

Unloading Clean Out Spouts
Loewen's plastic vertical unloading clean out spout allows for easy access to the bottom of the vertical unloading auger. The large spout reservoir allows unwanted material and moisture to clear, preventing buildup of rust on the elevator housing. A slide out door makes removal of trash quick and easy. For John Deere 9000 & STS series combines.

Straw Walkers
Loewen straw walkers are a step above OEM with thicker side plates, allowing them to last longer with greater performance. Loewen straw walkers come with OEM style lip type or rectangle louvers, and are made from the same material as OEM.

Grain Pans
Loewen grain pans are available in standard or galvanized steel to help preventing rusting. Ripple pans may be replaced separately. You have the option of choosing from one piece solid construction or 2-3 piece component construction. Wood bearing blocks are also available.

Wood Bearing Blocks
Loewen wood bearing blocks are a set of two oil impregnated wooden blocks with hardware. Available for straw walkers, walker return Pans and shoe augers.

Straw Chopper Blades
Straw chopper blades are available in standard and heavy duty. Blades come in single or double bevel for improved chopping efficiency. The knife-like beveled edge cuts more aggressively than square blades. Mounting hardware is included for most models.

Back Beaters
Loewen back feeders prevent re-feeding over the top of the cylinder. They provide a more aggressive stripping action.

Feeder House Bottoms
Loewen feeder house bottoms eliminate grain losses in the feeder house. Most models are made from heavier gauge steel. Perforated bottom are also available for beans.

Packer Wheel Recappers
Loewen wheel recappers are full cover for a total wearing surface for worn, damaged or new press wheels. The pre-formed 7 gauge steel, two piece recappers fit easily over the worn wheels. Wheels do not need to be removed for installation.

Stalk Stryker™
The Loewen Stalk Stryker™ levels corn stalks ahead of your combine. They force the corn stubble to the ground before it has a chance to puncture or cause wear to your tires or tracks. The 10" wide skid made of abrasion resistant steel is capable of handling tough corn stalks. It also features a torsion spring that applies consistent down pressure. The compact design and solid bar spring limiter help reduce trash buildup and entanglement. Stalk Stryker™ is 15-20% lighter per shoe than the competition reducing weight hanging on the header.