Loewen AFX Front Rotor Kits
Loewen Feeder Chains FEEDER CHAINS
Heavy Duty Chain

Loewen two, three and four chain Feeder Chains have slats which are mounted directly over the roller pins to prevent stretching, and are bolted to the chain with 3/8" Grade 5 or Grade 8 hardware for easy replacement. Heavy duty roller chains feature full side plates for added strength and are available with chrome pins for longer wear.

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Loewen Serrated Feeder Chain STANDARD FEEDER CHAIN 3/16”
Special lip design increases strength and rigidity reducing breaking and bending.
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Loewen Smooth Feeder Chain SMOOTH FEEDER CHAIN 1/4”
Heavy duty for corn and beans.
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Loewen Posifeed Rollers

Heavy duty with serrations for more aggressive feeding.
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Loewen T-Slat Feeder Chain T-SLAT FEEDER CHAIN
Same material as original and bolted to the chain